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06 February 2010

Countdown to Estrella War XXVI

In just over 24 hours, I am going to meet Starr & Jonna, known in the SCA as Lord Starri Rouda Bjornsson and Lady Valdis Eriksdottir, at their house to caravan with them to Estrella War.

Starri and Valdis are the leaders of House Iron Bear, of which I am happy to say I am a member.  They welcomed me and befriended me the very first fighter practice I attended upon my return into this Modern Medieval Life.  Very sweet people, both of them, with a long history in the SCA both individually and together.

So, very very early in the morning on Monday I am going to meet at their house.  I'm very excited to be going to EW, my first time there!  The weather is sure to be not terrific at least one day (read: rain and therefore lots of mud), but I'm bringing muckboots and an umbrella.

I'm hoping to take at least one class, volunteer with the chirugeon and/or waterbearers, meet new people, sit around fires, talk, nap, laugh and generally enjoy being among 3500 of my closest companions!

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