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30 January 2010

Getting ready for Estrella War XXVI

I have never been to Estrella War.  I've wanted to go, back when I was still living in the Outlands, and after I moved to Atenveldt (where EW is held)...but various things got in the way.  

Well, last year for my birthday, I gave myself an SCA membership and set my sights on rejoining the group, making new friends, and heading off to War!

Luckily, I already have some camping equipment, but I was able to borrow some things like a camp stove, and extra tent, egg-crate foam sleeping pads.  I've made several things for war, too.  

I'm not a great seamstress.  My mother was a master, and she tried to teach me and get me interested, but I just wasn't interested.  Not everything she said to me went in one ear and out the other, however; several years ago I bought a basic sewing machine, and it's definitely gotten good use these last few months!  I was lucky that, after over 10 years, several of the outfits she had made for me still fit, but I needed to add a few things to my wardrobe for this cold-weather event.

First off, our current King & Queen, TRMs Edouard and Asa, are Viking personas.  Many people have Viking garb, and I had a big chunk of material that I thought would be perfect as an apron dress to wear over a nice underdress my mother had made.  So, I found a pattern online, Mom helped me modify the pattern, and made the apron dress!

The Viking Apron Dress

picture by Delphia Janiszeski (C) 2009

Once the overdress was sewn, I finished it by adding a pair of pewter-tone buttons with a zoomorphic Celtic design on them, and a sting of glass and copper beads.  The string of beads are attached by toggle-and-loop clasps to the dress, so that they can be removed for washing.

Buttons & Bead String with Toggle Clasp Attachments

                                                      pictures by Delphia Janiszeski (C) 2010

I've been attending the Arts & Sciences nights when I can, and I've enjoyed being able to work on projects, or get ideas for new ones. After making the Viking dress, I decided to make myself a Mongolian-style hat to wear at War, since it will be chilly and I have no warm hats, especially none that would fit in at the event!

So, I got the pattern for a six-sided hat from one of the talented ladies at A&S, and I made one.  It was a pain in the butt, and I don't know if I ever want to do another one -- but I did make it, I do like the result, I know what NOT to do if there is another one, and most importantly......my mother said it was very good and beautiful! 

The Blasted Mongolian Hat

picture by Delphia Janiszeski (C) 2010

In addition to these, I found a nice-sized chunk of monk's cloth in the remnants at Joann's, and made myself a shawl.  I hand-knotted the sides to prevent unraveling, and sewed a random pattern of straight lines on the selvedges in sage green pearl cotton.

I also made a pair of drink covers: doilies with beads or other weighted objects sewn on the edges to keep the doily from flying off in the wind, which protects your drink from insects and debris.

Finally, I made a small chatelaine for my really cool scissors which were the site token for the last Coronation.  I took a small scrap of tapestry, made a pocket, sewed a chain onto it, and then finished off with a pewter dove charm.  (Being a wild bird rehabilitator, I have a lot of bird-themed stuff; also, I am hoping to have a mourning dove on my device.)  [Picture to be inserted later]

I've got most of my camping gear put together, and non-perishable food items in a tub in the kitchen so that I can add to it as I get nearer to War.  I'll borrow a cooler from my mom for things that need to remain cold, but I intend to have very little of that, as I don't want to have to buy ice too often while there (if I can?).

Now....if I can just get it all in my truck!

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